HSC-5 LED Firehawks Stainless Steel Sign

HSC-5 LED Firehawks Stainless Steel Sign

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Custom Stainless Steel Sign designed for the service members of HSC-84 Redwolves. Cut from stainless steel by a precision laser, polished to a mirror finish, and back-lit with programmable LED lights, this sign is the perfect gift or man-cave decoration. Free Shipping!


23.5" x 26"

Required Tools and Equipment
• Rotary Drill
• Screw Driver
• Hammer
• Tape Measure
• Eye Protection
• Gloves

Take EXTREME CARE when handling. Signage may contain SHARP
EDGES. Face should be kept away from the sign at ALL times. Proper
gloves and eye wear should be worn during handling and installation.

Installation (Recommended with 2 adults)
Carefully hold and stabilize sign against wall in the desired location and
ensuring the sign is level
• Have second person insert included stainless steel screws 90° into each
pilot hole and gently tap with a hammer to form an impression in the wall
• Take down sign and proceed to drill pilot holes in the impressions
utilizing a 1/4” drill bit (Ensure appropriate bit is used, e.g. drywall, wood,
masonry, etc.)
• Insert included blue wall anchors into holes and gently tap into place with hammer until flush
• Insert A/C adapter into white control module on the back of the sign
• Hold sign against wall aligning holes with anchors
• Use screwdriver to screw into place. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN! (May
bend/damage sign)
- Use of a drill to secure screws is NOT SUGGESTED, however, if used,
ensure drill is on the slowest setting and avoid slipping which could
scratch or dent your sign, or over-tightening which may bend your sign